Soledad, mother of the mute and clairvoyant Mayang, witnesses the murder of her husband in the hands of masked bandits near a canopy of bamboos by the river. Soledad stabs one of the bandits with a flute and barely escapes the incident. She finds refuge in the house of Abel, a man haunted by the shadows of his own past which he displaces nightly with intoxication. Thereafter, Soledad silently mourns for her husband’s death and even often finds herself sleepwalking outside Abel’s house. Meanwhile, Mayang converses with the ghost who narrates to her the story of his death and his pains as a wandering spirit. While the province is on the verge of all-out war between the rising militant rebels and the national army, Abel blames this misfortune on “evil spirits” and quietly dwells on his distant memories.

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