Ngilngig, a Cebuano expression commonly used by the Bisaya or the people from the southern part of the Philippines. It is a feeling of both extremes that may reach beyond agony or ecstasy. Davao Ngilngig is a series of short films that explore these extremes taking inspiration from oral stories, town tales, and superstitions that may incite visceral reactions from the audience for them to experience or question cultural and historical unbelievable narratives.

Kaon Durian
8m | Silent | 2015

Achup Boulevard
6m | Cebuano | 2015
7m | Silent | 2011
Garbage Bag
5m | Cebuano | 2011
6m | Cebuano | 2010
The Camera
6m | Nihonggo | 2010
7m | Hiligaynon | 2010

Music from The Camera

Dane Rhea Silo and Malaya Adalim (Kaon Durian)
Xiao Prieto and Krigi Hager (Achup Boulevard)
Sam Concha (Cricket)
Irene Lo (Garbage Bag)
Chat Elizagaque (The Camera)
Lucky Mae Braza and Carmen Smith (Patentero)

McRobert Nacario (Patentero)
Ferdinand Mesias (Patentero, Garbage Bag, Achup Boulevard)
Bem di Lera (Patentero, Garbage Bag, Achup Boulevard)

Carey (Kaon Durian)
Bagane Fiola (The Camera)
Maki Serapio (Ngilngig 2010)

Raphael Meting

Sound Production and Design
Maki Serapio (2010 – 2011)
Bagane Fiola (2015)

Story and Directing
Bagane Fiola

Production Companies
Timewrap Film Productions, Studio99, and Origane Films

Cinema Rehiyon | Ngilngig Festival

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