On each of two flourishing Moro communities separated by a vast river are two brothers who feel a longing that is beyond the grasp of their content and idyll life. In the end, they seek the river to find their own peace.

Anwar Rudin Emblawa as grandfather
Amer Hassan Arsad as Ysmael
Juari Rosdi Dumama Piang as Abdul
Haidie Sangkad as Bai Iya
Irene Silongan Pakan as Bai Fatima
Anna Miguel Cervantes and Sharon Mae Delos Santos as women folding malong
Taha Guiamin as boatman
Joendy “George” Adam as boatman double
Irene Silongan Pakan, Carmelo Buenaflor, and Perry Paul Lamanilao as torch bearers
Sammy Samama as voice of Datu Ali
Shariff Palanan as voice in Takbeer
Abu Hurayra Abdulcarim as voice in Adha

Production Assistance
Maki Cabrera and Ralph Elusfa

Boom Operation
Sharon Mae Delos Santos, Maki Cabrera and Ralph Elusfa

Production Sound
Keisha Therese Halili

Production Design
Anna Miguel Cervantes

Michael Angelo Nacario and Bagane Fiola

Sound Design
Willie Apa, Jr

Bagane Fiola

Story Consultation and Translator
Haidie Sangkad

Bagane Fiola, Keisha Therese Halili, Sharon Mae Delos Santos, and Anna Miguel Cervantes

Directing Assistance
Sharon Mae Delos Santos

Story and Directing
Bagane Fiola

McRobert Nacario, Keisha Therese Halili, and Bagane Fiola

Production Companies
Micromedia DV, CoolLab Studios, and Origane Films

It’s a wrap!

“This film is really meaningful because all Muslim actors were fasting during filming.”

– Haidie Sangkad, Actress

World Premiere
Cinema One Originals Film Festival 2018

I’m sure there’s a good *accidental* reason that the subtitles for this short was left out of the cutting room, but that’s no matter. The film, at least visually, is BEAUTIFUL. Let that capslock hit you like whiplash. It’s damn gorgeous. The eponymous river seems to carry a message that, because of the lack of the subs, is doubly enigmatic to me, and I don’t know if that’s good or bad. What I’ve learned: context clues is a language unto its own.”

– Armando, Cinema One Originals 2108

Best Film
16th Mindanao Film Festival, Davao, Philippines

Team Pulangui receiving the Best Picture award presented by FDCP Chair Liza Dinõ-Suegerra. Source: SunStar Davao

Best Film
Famas Award 2019, Philippines 2019

Best Film
42nd Gawad Urian 2019, Philippines

Official Selection
Sharjah Film Platform 2019, Sharjah, UAE

Pulangui was selected out of over 400 applicants for the 2018 Sharjah Film Platform (SFP), the annual programme organized by Sharjah Art Foundation in the City of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The film was screened at the Mirage City Cinema Al Mureijah Square as its international premiere along with other 120 competing films from over 40 countries including the Hiligaynon film by Jean Claire Dy entitled Paglubad – Unravel.

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